What Is a Stereo Microscope?

Stereo Microscope Manufacturers

What Is a Stereo Microscope?

A stereo microscope is a special type with a three-dimensional view of species. It is also known as a stereo-zoom microscope. In this microscope, there are objective lenses and eyepieces. As a result, you have two separate paths for each of your eyes. The differing-angle view of both the left and right eyes makes a view that looks like a three-dimensional visual.

The Characteristics of a Stereo Microscope

  • • Two objectives
  • • Two optical paths
  • • utilizes the light that an object reflects
  • • The magnification range is between 10x and 50x.
  • • Three-dimensional images

The different parts of a stereo microscope

In the stereo microscope, there are many components. Each component has its functions and performs a specific task. Below, we mention every part and their respective workings, which helps you understand how all the work is done in the stereo microscope.

  • • Stereo Head: This part is the top portion of the microscope, which is movable, and it holds two eyepieces that are adjustable according to their use.
  • • Ocular Lens: This part of the microscope is very important because these are the eyepieces from which the user looks at the specimen. These eyepieces are normally set at 10x zoom, but you can zoom more if necessary as per your task.
  • • Diopter Setting: It helps you to fix the gap between what your left and right eyes see and helps you set the right view of your microscope.
  • • Objective Lens: Each microscope has two separate objectives, each of which is connected to one eyepiece; these two components collectively determine the magnification of the microscope. It allows you to change the magnification levels depending on the application.
  • • Stage Clips: These clips help to hold the thin object on the stage.
  • • Stage Plate: This plate is located under the objective eyes, and the object is placed on it.

The workings of stereo microscopes

It is ideal for amplifying opaque objects; the use of light helps in reflecting light from the specimen; it is very useful in solid and thick samples and examining them properly. The range of the stereo microscope is from 10x to 50x zoom, which is adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your needs.

This microscope has extra lenses to zoom in or out and change the distance for your tasks. If you work at a longer working distance, you will require a zoom of less than 1x, for example, 0.3x, 0.5x, or 0.7x, according to user needs. You can also increase the magnificence of the eyepieces to 300x as per your needs, or you can also go higher according to the model of the microscope.

Items such as coins, fossils, rocks, bugs, plants, and more. are visible under stereoscope magnification. And if you take more advanced stereo microscopes, they can allow you to view electrical components and circuit boards.


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