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Standard Spectrometer SM-31

SM-31 / 10183-10184

Designed to give maximum accuracy. Heavy cast iron base fitted with leveling screws. Protected
circle is read by two opposite verniers. Scales and verniers are machine divided. The Collimator tube
and telescope are adjusted to be collinear. The objective and the collimator lenses are achromatic.
Ramsden Eye-piece with fine cross line. Rack and pinion movements are provided to both the
Telescope and Collimator. Nicely painted, complete with case.
SM-31 / 10183-10184

Spectrometer Standard : Protected circle Brass Scale
(A)15 cms. a)Regular Qlty
b)Good Qlty
(B)17.5 cms. a)Regular Qlty
b)Good Qlty
SM-32 / 10185

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