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Student Microscope (Disc or Iris Type)



All die cast Monocular stable inclinable body and horse shoe base, separates coarse & fine motion knobs, fixed eye-piece tube, rack and pinion motion, overall height 310mm, square stage 110x110mm, triple revolving nosepiece, coarse focusing by rack and pinion, fine motion by lever system, illumination controlled by iris-diaphragm and condenser, with following optics.

Objectives : 10x and 45x

Eyepieces : 10x (H) and 15x (H)

Packing : In Thermocole/Styrofoam box

Optional : 4x Objectives, WF 10x Eyepiece, Wooden Box, Monocular Inclined Tube 45° (On Extra Cost) Rotatable 360°, LED Lamp

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