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PH-101 /10063-10064

Phase Contrast Achromatic Objective
Magniification N.A W.D (M.M)
10X 0.10 6.6
20X 0.40 1.85
40X 0.65 0.64
100X 1.25 0.19






Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic Objective
Magniification N.A W.D(M.M)
10X 0.10 8.8
20X 0.40 0.65
40X 0.65 0.56
100X 1.25 0.33






Phase Contrast Equipment consist of a PHASE contrast condenser, Annular diaphragm turn plate, a centering telescopic eyepiece and four PHASE objectives – PH 10x, PH 20x, PH 40x, PH 100x. It can be attached on Advanced Research Microscopes. Use the Phase Condenser Unit NA = 1.25 with phase contrast objective and telescopic eyepiece.

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