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Tissue Culture Rack - CLE-149 / 11174-11176

TISSUE CULTURE CASTOR RACK: Fabricated out of thick M.S. Square pipe, finished in powder coated paint. Moulded heavy duty nylon castors, provided for an easy manuvaration. The illuminated shelves are made of thick frosted glass (perspex, hylem and nova-pan are optional.) Each shelf is fitted with 4 nos. of fluorescent tube light with heavy duty choke fixed on each shelf. For photosynthesis applications, U.V Tubes can be provided on each shelf.

No. of Shelves Dimension
4 Shelves 125x60x152cms (50”x24”x60”)
5 Shelves 125x60x192cms (50”x24”x76”)

TISSUE CULTURE FIXED RACK: This is a fixed type rack, constructed as above, but having five shelves and rows together. The racks are designed for Tissue Culture baskets to be kept.

No. of Shelves Dimension
5 Shelves 315x125x192cms (50”x24”76”) & 5 rows


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