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Laminar Air Flow Cabinet - CLE-146 / 11164-11167

Laminar cabinets are made of best quality board. The main function of Laminar cabinet has two times filteration of atmospheric air which is blown through HEPA FILTERS with balanced blower that provides good amount of air on full surface of HEPA filters which  rotates all air borne particles of size 0.3 micron. Available in four sizes.

Horizontal or Vertical


Structure made of Wooden or MILD STEEL powder coated or S.S. (As per order) Workbench covered with STAINLESS STEEL. Sides of workbench covered with a transparent acrylic sheet. Front acrylic door of collapsible type. Properly balanced blowers fitted on 1/4 H.P. Electric motor provided on the bottom portion to supply sufficient air to HEPA filter. 

Closed in a chamber fitted with HEPA FILTER having a very accurate performance rate of air filtration, rated 99.99% resulting in a working area of laminar bench.

Working area of laminar illuminated by fluorescent light and provided U.V germicidal lamp for sterilization. The laminar flow fitted with a Manometer for blocking of HEPA FILTER.

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