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Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge Brushless CLE-5500 BL

  • Bench Top high speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge Machine.
  • Heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating. 
  • Stainless Steel centrifugal bowl for extra protection and easy cleaning.
  • Fitted with well-balanced brushless motor with electronic drive. 4 lines, 20 characters. LCD Display for set time, run time, set and run rpm, rcf and rotor identification. 
  • Digital Timer 0-99 minutes, lid lock and fast spin option.
  • Dynamic brake (automatic) and imbalance detector are provided. 
  • Selection of 3 acceleration + 4 deceleration profile. 
  • Microprocessor based. Programmable Speed Regulator from 2000 to 20000 in interval of 100 rpm. 
  • Last test parameter recall and displays automatically on LCD. 
  • P.I.D. Electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator is fitted to control the centrifuge temp. From room temp. upto -20°C means shuts off the cooling compressor within accuracy of + 2°C. 
  • Supply completed with, instruction manual, cord & plug to work on 220 volts 50Hz A.C. 


Max. Speed

20000 r.p.m.

Max. RCF



0-99 min.


Brushless Motor

Temp. Range

from room temperature- to -20°C

Temp. Accuracy

±2°C (at 20000 rpm upto 5 minute operation of centrifuge)


AC 220V 50 Hz 20A


55 kg. approx.


L-25” x W-20” x H-14” approx.

Supply complete with following angle rotor head to accommodate polypropylene Micro Centrifuge tubes 

Rotor Type

Rotor Capacity

Speed on Rotor (R.P.M.)

R.C.F on Rotor

Angle Rotor

12x1.5/2.2 ml



Angle Rotor

24x1.5/2.2 ml



Angle Rotor

8x15 ml




  1. The speed of the machine depends upon the type of rotor being used. If rotor is heavy the speed will reduce as per above mentioned table.
  2. Machine comes without rotor heads.
  3. Optional rotors can be selected as per customer’s requirements (On Extra Cost).
  4. This is our general purpose leaflet. We can amend technical features according to the requirement of customer. So, Pictures, Specifications & Designs are subject to change without prior notice
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