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Fume Hood - CLE-148 / 11171-11173

Fume Hood is highly recommended for different laboratories like Bio-Chemistry, Soil Testing, Pharmaceutical units, Printed Circuit Boards, Etching and Cleaning operations, Miniature Component assembly etc. Fume exhaust hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic, obnoxious or otherwise harmful vapours, mist etc. A motor blower system generates negative pressure within the enclosure extracting the contaminated air from the working area and expels it into atmosphere Fabricated out of best quality thick board laminated with mat finished MICA sheet. Inner chemical resistant epoxy painted, working floor covered with S.S. Sheet. A sliding sash made of aluminium frame, which moves vertically up and down with counter balanced weight capable of stopping at any desired height. Fluorescent lights, sink and water inlet / outlet are provided in the chamber. A cupboard and drawer is also provided at the bottom.

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