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Cryostat Microtome


The cryostat is ergonomically designed keeping in view user needs and safety. It incorporates an optimized cooling system with compressor for rapid specimen freezing and smooth precise orientation that gives high quality sectioning in histology, with section thickness range of 1-30µm with freeze chamber temperature range of -1°C to -30°C, pro-environment refrigerant, a rapid refrigeration mode, LED Screen which can display data and temperature. Easy to operate control panel with controls for temperature and time. Equipped with a closed drainage system that ensures collection of condensed fluids in a container.


  • Ergonomical design

  • Specimen retraction function protects the specimen from blade injury

  • Rapid Refrigeration Mode allows desired temperature drop in 60mins

  • Working area is easy to clean and disinfect

  • Easy to read LED screen



  • Sectioning Thickness Range

  • 1µm - 30µm, in 1µm

  • Cooling down time to -30°C in 60 mins.

  • Maximum Specimen Size 35 mm x 35 mm

  • Specimen Vertical Stroke 70 mm

  • Specimen Horizontal Stroke 20 mm


Note: Pictures, Specifications & Designs are subject to change without prior notice.


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