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Process control & instrumentation lab - 20012

CPC-01: Pressure Control Trainer

CPC-02: Level Control Trainer

CPC-03: Temperature Control Trainer

CPC-04: Flow Control Trainer

CPC-05: Cascade Control Trainer

CPC-06: Multi Process trainer

CPC-07: Study of P/I & I/P Convertor

CPC-08: Control Valve Characteristics

CPC-09: Characteristics of P.I.D. Controller

CPC-10: Time Constant of Manometer

CPC-11: Time Constant of Thermocouples & Thermometer

CPC-12: Calibration of Thermocouples & Thermometer

CPC-13: Measurement of Level by Air Purge Method

CPC-14: Measurement of Level by Capacitance Method

CPC-15: Two Tank Interacting System

CPC-16: Two Tank Non-Interacting system

CPC-17: Interaction & Non Interacting System

CPC-18: Single Tank System

CPC-19: Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester

CPC-20: Pneumatic Trainer

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