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Fluid mach. Lab close circuit type - 20001

CHD-01: Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus

CHD-02: Flow Through Orifice and Mouthpiece

CHD-03: Discharge Over Notches

CHD-04: Impact of jet on vanes

CHD-05: Losses due to Friction in pipe line

CHD-06: Losses due to pipe Fittings, sudden Enlargement & Contraction

CHD-07: Venturimeter & Orifice Meter Test Rig

CHD-08: Venturimeter, Orifice Meter &Rota meter Test Rig

CHD-09: Nozzle Meter Test Rig

CHD-10: Reynolds Apparatus

CHD-11: Pitot Tube Setup

CHD-12: Cavitation Apparatus

CHD-13: Laminar Flow Table

CHD-14: Meta Centric Height Apparatus

CHD-15: Center of Pressure Apparatus

CHD-16: Electrical Analogy Apparatus

CHD-17: Forced Vortex Apparatus

CHD-18: Free Vortex Apparatus

CHD-19: Darcy's Law Apparatus

CHD-20: Study of Pressure Measurement

CHD-21: Bend Meter Test Rig

CHD-22: Pipe Surge & Water Hammer Apparatus

CHD-23: Fluid Friction Apparatus

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