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Deca Head Microscope

The Deca head microscope is mostly used to teach and show things. Additionally, multiple experts can use these at the same time to examine something. These are used a lot in various medical fields, established labs, schools, colleges, and universities. You will get this Deca Head Microscope with PLAN ACROMATIC OBJECTIVES (Infinity Corrected) and a camera mount. There is also a laser pointer to make pointing to the part on the slide easy.

Uses of the Deca head microscope

  • • High-resolution imaging: The Deca head microscope is designed to provide exceptionally detailed images. It allows scientists and researchers to capture high-resolution visuals of microscopic structures, aiding in the analysis of intricate details.
  • • Research in Life Sciences: This microscope is widely utilized in life sciences research. Scientists use it to study biological samples, enabling a closer examination of cells, tissues, and other microorganisms. This aids in understanding various biological processes.
  • • Material Science: In the field of material science, the Deca head microscope plays a crucial role. Researchers can examine the composition and structure of materials at the microscopic level, helping to enhance the development of new materials with specific properties.
  • • Education and Training: These microscopes are valuable tools in educational settings. They facilitate hands-on learning experiences for students studying biology, chemistry, and related disciplines. Students can explore the microscopic world, gaining practical insights into their coursework.
  • • Quality Control in Industry: Industries use these microscopes for quality control purposes. It enables detailed inspection of manufactured products at the microscopic level, ensuring that they meet the required standards and specifications.
  • • Forensic Analysis: Forensic experts employ these Deca head microscopes to give a close look at evidence such as hair, fibers, and biological samples. This aids in criminal investigations by providing detailed insights into the characteristics of the materials under examination.
  • • Medical Diagnostics: In the medical field, Deca head microscopes are utilized for diagnostic purposes. Pathologists and medical professionals can examine tissue samples and blood components, contributing to the identification and understanding of various diseases.
  • • Microelectronics Development: The semiconductor industry uses Deca head microscopes for inspecting and analyzing microelectronics components. This is crucial to ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic devices.

Specifications of Deca Head Microscopes

Focus Range:

The microscope features a convenient design with a low-positioned, easy-to-use focusing mechanism. The coarse and fine focusing knobs are coaxial, allowing precise adjustments with a graduated scale of 0.002 micrometers for accurate focusing. To prevent any unintended contact between the objective and specimen, an upper stop is in place. The tension of the coarse focusing knob is adjustable, providing flexibility. The measurements are displayed in millimeters for straightforward and clear readings.

Eye Pieces:

The microscope comes equipped with wide-field eyepieces for comfortable viewing. The WF 10X eyepiece on the main head has a field number of 22, providing a broad and clear field of vision. Additionally, the discussion head features a WF 10X eyepiece with a field number of 20, ensuring a wide and detailed view during collaborative discussions or group observations. This feature enhances the overall visual experience when using the microscope.


The microscope is equipped with Kohler illumination, ensuring optimal and uniform lighting for clear observations. It utilizes a 12V, 100W halogen light source, providing bright illumination for accurate imaging. The LED cursor brightness is adjustable, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their preferences. This feature enhances visibility and ensures a well-lit and comfortable environment while using the microscope, contributing to precise observations and analysis.


The microscope is designed with a double-layer mechanical stage, providing stability and control during specimen examination. The stage dimensions are 180x160mm, offering ample space for various-sized specimens. It has a moving range of 80x50mm, allowing precise positioning for detailed observations. The inclusion of a double slide holder enhances efficiency, enabling the examination of multiple slides. These features, measured in square millimeters (mm2), contribute to a user-friendly and versatile platform for microscopy tasks.

Objective Achromatic:

The microscope is equipped with a set of high-quality Infinity Plan objectives designed for various magnifications. The 4x objective with a numerical aperture of 0.10 is suitable for low magnification, while the 10x objective with a numerical aperture of 0.25 provides moderate magnification. The 40x objective with a numerical aperture of 0.65 is ideal for detailed observations, and the 100x objective with a numerical aperture of 1.25, designed for oil immersion, offers the highest magnification for intricate microscopy work.


The microscope features a swing-out type lens system with a numerical aperture (N.A.) ranging from 0.9 to 1.2. This adjustable numerical aperture allows users to control the amount of light entering the lens, influencing image clarity and brightness. Additionally, it includes a centering system, ensuring that the lens is accurately aligned for optimal performance. This feature enhances the versatility and precision of the microscope, providing users with flexibility in their observations and analyses.

Why Coslab India, among others?

When we talk about the best deca head microscope manufacturers, Coslab India is the name that comes to mind because of their top-quality products and services.

  • • Quality Assurance: We are known for providing high-quality Deca head microscopes, ensuring durability and accuracy in scientific observations. 
  • • Wide Range of Applications: Our microscopes are versatile, catering to various scientific fields, including biology, material science, forensics, and more. 
  • • User-Friendly Design: Coslab's Deca head microscopes are designed with user convenience in mind, featuring easy-to-use controls, adjustable mechanisms, and ergonomic design for prolonged use. 
  • • Trusted Brand: We have established ourselves as a trusted brand in the scientific equipment market, known for delivering reliable and technologically advanced microscopes. 
  • • Responsive Customer Support: The company provides excellent customer support, assisting users with product inquiries, technical issues, and any other concerns promptly.
  • • Competitive Pricing: Coslab India offers competitive pricing, making quality Deca head microscopes more accessible to a wide range of educational institutions, research facilities, and industries.

If you want further assistance and information regarding our science equipment, our experts are here to help!


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Coslab India is known for its responsive customer support, promptly addressing queries, providing technical assistance, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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