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Auto Digital Conductivity Meter (Auto Ranging) - CAI-16 / 13014


Model: CAI-16

3½ digit LED display with facility for temperature compensation and digital cell constant adjustment along with conductivity cell & other accessories.(Table Model)



  1. Display 3 ½ Digit LED
  2. Measurement Conductivity
  3. Cond. Ranges Five Ranges
  4. Range Selection Automatic in 5 Ranges
  5. Temp. Range -5 to 110°C
  6. Accuracy

Cond. ± 0.5% FS ± 1 Digit

Temp. ± 0.1°C ± 1 Digit

  1. Temperature Compensation

Manual 0 to 50°C (In CAI-16 Only)

  1. Cell Constant Adjustable on Digital Display
  2. Measuring Cell Platinum DIP Type

Cell Const. Measurement Auto

  1. Power 230V ± 10% AC
  2. Dimension 270x202x80mm
  3. Weight 0.8kgs (Approx.)





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