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Student Kymograph/Recordinging Drum (Sherrington) - PI-60 / 12091

Electrically operated, it basically consists of a revolving drum wrapped with a sheet of paper on which a stylus moves back and forth recording changes of phenomena such as motion or pressure. Made of stainless steel spindle with 6”x6” cylinder with screw lift. The drum is capable of giving all the 8 speeds from 0.12 mm/sec. to 640 mm/sec. Jerk free running, Start & Stop Clutch, Leveling Screws, Pilot Lamp, Plug & Cord.

Accessories For Kymograph :

PI-61/12092 - Adjustable Stand

PI-62/12093 - Connecting Wires

PI-63/12094 - Drum Paper Clip

PI-64/12095 - Electric Time Maker

PI-65/12096 - Fixing Pins

PI-66/12097 - Frontal Writing Lever

PI-67/12098 - Glazed Paper (100 Sheets)

PI-68/12099 - Heart Chamber

PI-69/12100 - Hook & Weight (110gm & 11gm)

PI-70/12101 - Mary's Tambour

PI-71/12102 - Muscle Chamber

PI-72/12103 - Muscle Grip

PI-73/12104 - Myograph Board

PI-74/12105 - Myograph Lever

PI-75/12106 - Pithing Needle

PI-76/12107 - Simple Electrode

PI-77/12108 - Simple Key

PI-78/12109 - Simple Lever

PI-79/12110 - Smoking Burner (Gas)

PI-80/12111 - Smoking Stand & Smoking Burner (Kerosene)

PI-81/12112 - Starling Heart Lever

PI-82/12113 - Tuning Fork

PI-83/12114 - X-Block Standard

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