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Jar Testing Apparatus PI-40 / 12060-12062

Fitted with D.C. Motor but it works on 220 Volts AC with Variable Speed from 20 R.P.M. to 100 R.P.M. approximately. This Jar Test Apparatus allows efficient and economical flocculation matter and collides in general. It is specially designed for use in water treatment to correctly estimate the dosing of alum and such other coagulants for treatment of water sewage and flock formation test in water treatment plants. Heavy duty structural construction for rigidly and vibration-provide diffused cold light to samples. The gear chain for multiple spindle drive gives same speed for all the stainless steel stirring paddle approx. 1”× 3” is attached to approx. 10” long rod with lighting knob at top to permit adjustment of paddle height spacing approx. 6” in bench. Capacity is 1 litre to 2 litre.

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