Zoom Stereo Microscope

Excellent optical system can present operators high quality images. Kinds of functional accessories can fulfill different needs which require high precision, such as research, medical, QC and etc. It is an ideal instrument for education & industry purpose.

Magnification Standard Zoom Magnification, 8X-50X. With Additional Eyepiece & Objectives, magnification can range from 4X-200X
Zoom Ratio 0.8X-5X with Zoom Ratio 1:6.3
Observation Head

45°inclined, 360°rotatable. Interpupillary range from 52mm-75mm.

Binocular or Trinocular Head. Distribution is 3:7 for Trinociular. 

Eyepiece WF10X/22mm
Working Distance Standard Working Distance is 115mm.
Focusing Unit Coarse Focusing Knob with Tension Adjustable. Adjusting Range, 100mm.
Base Φ100mm Black/White Glass. Φ100mm Frosted Glass 
Illumination Transmitted LED illumination
Reflected LED illumination
Input Voltage: Ac100-240V, 50/50hz 


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