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CIM-200 (DIC) / 10134


CIM-200 (DIC) / 10134
  • Siedentopf Binocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 30°, IPD 48-75mm
  • Eyepiece Extra WF 10x/22
  • Infinite LWD Plan Objective: 5x/0.12/- (bf/df) LWD 10mm , 10x/0.25/- (bf/df) LWD 10mm , 20x/0.4//- (bf/df) LWD 05mm , 50x/0.75/- (bf/df) LWD 1.3mm , 100x/0.9/- (bf/df) LWD 0.7mm
  • Mechanical Stage: Double Layer Mechanical Stage - 226x178mm, Moving Range 40mmx40mm Stage Ø16mm, Ø40mm
  • Inward Tilt (Reverse) Quintuple Nosepiece
  • 12v/50w Halogen Light, Centre And Brightness Adjustable, Polarizer and Analyzer DIC Built-in Green, blue, Yllow, Grey and Ground Glass
  • Coaxial Coarse And Fine Adjustment
  • 0.01mm Micrometer Scale 0.01mm and lamp House Adjustment objective