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TMM-500-D / 10178

Usage: TMM-500-D tool-maker's microscope is an excellent measuring instrument for non contact inspection and 2D precision measurement. It is suitable to measure the small parts in the metrology department and production line, and it can be installed with digital measure heads, CCD adaptor, CCD camera, digital cross line generator, monitor to be a 2D vision system.

TMM-500-D / 10178
  • Measuring Head: Origin Mitutoyo electronic measuring head , Resolution of Measuring Head: 0.001mm
  • Machine Head: Monocular (aimer is adjustable) , Angle Dia: Rotary angle: 360°; Minimum angle reading: 6?
  • Eyepiece: 15X view diameter: 13mm , Objectives: 2X working diameter: 67mm
  • Total Magnification: 30X , Contour Illumination: 24V/3V tungsten bulb with green filter, brightness adjustable
  • Surface Illumination: 24V/3V tungsten bulb, brightness adjustable
  • Power Supply: 110/220V AC 50/60Hz , Instrument Dimension: 210x333x391mm ,Machine Weight: 13.5Kgs
  • Auxiliary Objectives: A group of partition board; 1piece of blue filter , Accuracy: (3+L/50)um
  • Optional Accessories: 1X, 3X, 10X Objective,