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PM-800-TRF / 10180

With Transmitted light and reflected light, 24V/100W long life halogen lamp. Professional polarizing microscope for geology, petroleum, chemicals, polymer, LED field.

PM-800-TRF / 10180
  • Eyepiece: EW10X/22 Plan eyepiece, EW10X/22 Plan eyepiece with scale of crosshair Strain-Free Plan
  • Achromatic Objective: 5X/0.12/¥/- WD 15.5mm , 10X/0.25/¥/- WD 10.0mm , 20X/0.4/¥/0 WD 4.30mm , 40X/0.65/¥/0.17 WD 0.54mm , 50X/0.75/¥/0 WD 0.32mm , 100X/0.8/¥/0 WD 2mm , 100X/1.25/¥/0.17 WD 0.13mm
  • Nosepiece: Inward Tilt (Reverse) Quintuple nosepiece, Center adjustable , Analyzer: 360° dial rotation , Minimum scale reading?0.1° (Vernier scale?
  • Conoscopic observation - Attachment: Switch between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation,Bertrand lens position ajustable , Optical Compensator: First-order red plate, Guarter-wave plate, Quartz wedge
  • Polarizing Rotatable Stage: Diameter 170mm, Center adjustable, 360° scale, Minimum divison 1°, Minimum reading 6' by means of vernier scale, 45° Click stop knob
  • Condenser: Strain-free swing condenser NA0.9/0.25 , Polarizer: Transmitted: 360° Rotatable 0° position adjustable. Reflected: Fixed
  • Focusing: Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, Range 32mm, Fine division 0.001mm, Coarse stroke 37.7mm per rotation, Fine stroke 0.1mm per rotation
  • Illumination: Reflected light: 24V/100W Halogen lamp, Brightness adjustable Transmitted light : 24V/100W Halogen lamp, Brightness adjustable , Optional: Attachable stage, moving range 30 x 40 mm