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HL-9(A) / 10033

BIOSCAN Bino, Heavy Model with built-in solid state transformer for 6v/20 watt Halogen bulb, coaxial mechanical stage, Separate Coarse & Fine focusing knobs, special socket and cord, Binocular head inclined at 45°, movable at 360° and paired Eyepieces 10x.

HL-9(A) / 10033
  • Dimension (in cm) : 42X28X25, Weight : 5.5 Kg. Approx.
  • SUPERIOR 100x OIL IMMERSION. (Optional)
  • Trinocular Head. (Optional)
  • LED Illumination. (Optional)
  • LED Illumination with battery backup. (Optional)
  • Wooden Box. (Optional)